Refund policy:

Yes, 7 days Money-back guarantee, If Our Product does Not Work And I will Unable to solve your problem. No Refund on wrong purchase and unsatisfied products.

All the products of the third party are to be provided are supported by their authors and not by the side of the Provider. You should please review the support terms that are to be provided by the author of a product before purchasing it.

themesforblogger does not provide a refund for our any membership plans.

We also do not provide a refund for an update for more info check update terms…

If you need any kind of support you can request us this service will be based on the request. We do not make any claim for this so there will be no refund for this.  As being a third-party seller and providing with the cheap price we do not provide support.

You can share any product with your friend or your customer that you buy from here. But we do not give it for the selling purpose, if you are caught doing this then your account will be suspended without notification and no refund will be given or reply will be given for this.

If you want to sell our product on your website then you will have to buy Diamond One Membership, We allow to sell our product with this Diamond membership, on our behalf who will help you to establish your business for more info about it you may contact our customer care –