About Acceptance of Terms

THEMESFORBLOGGER (“Provider”) is all involved as it provides software and website services to you that are all subject to the following Terms of Service (“TOS”). If you do not agree to the TOS, then you should not hence use the themesforblogger.com website.

Product License

The WordPress themes, as well as plugins, extensions & snippets authored by the side of the Provider and provided on themesforblogger.com. It is all the more licensed under the GNU general public license.  Whereas all the WordPress-interactive code in the timeline of the products is licensed under the GPS. But you would be finding so many other contents to adding with the images and Cascading Style Sheets (“CSS”) files that are to be licensed under proprietary terms. You should review with the complete set of the licensing terms included with any purchases for the conditions that apply to it.

Elementor Pro, Avada, Porto, Revolution Slider and some more plugin & theme would be coming as under the GPL license, but it would not be bringing any impact on the pre-made pages at all. This is for the reason that it does require verification of permits which we do not give. But the product works 100% well just for the idea that there has been the problem to import a pre-made page first so that we can process the refund on top of the above do not accept.

We provide pre-built template/demo content files (JSON and XML file) manually so you can Easily import the template in your website in Elementor pro, Revolution slider plugin for more information contact us and check the related video on our Youtube Channel.

We provide demo content with Migration file(duplicator & All in one migration plugin) in Avada, Astra site and Porto theme and some more themes

Product Delivery:

The provider will be attending on with the digital media that can somehow be downloaded instantly just as after a purchase has been made. If you will be paying all through the medium of the bank then it would be taking the duration of around 6 hours to 24 hours as in terms of manually confirming your order.

Refund policy:

Yes, 7 days Money-back guarantee, If Our Product does Not Work And I will Unable to solve your problem.

All the products of the third party are to be provided are supported by their authors and not by the side of the Provider. You should please review the support terms that are to be provided by the author of a product before purchasing it.

If you need any kind of support you can request us this service will be based on the request. We do not make any claim for this so there will be no refund for this.  As being a third-party seller and providing with the cheap price we do not provide support.

You can share any product with your friend or your customer that you buy from here. But we do not give it for the selling purpose, if you are caught doing this then your account will be suspended without notification and no refund will be given or reply will be given for this.download the items you don’t intend to use in the projects (this rule applies to mass download cases). In case the mass download is suspected, your access to themesforblogger will be restricted or terminated; No matter how many products you allowed for download per day, Make sure download the item for the ongoing project only we don’t allow to download for creating a database or store on your system we are very serious for this, If you are allowed to download ten(300 monthly) products per day accounting to your membership then no problem you can download all twenty products, but make sure all the products will going to use for your current project we tract every download very seriously and also check customer’s behavior on our website.

If you want to sell our product on your website then you will have to buy Diamond Membership, We allow you to sell our product with this Diamond membership, on our behalf who will help you to establish your business for more info about it you may contact our customer care – support@themesforblogger.com

Upload New Product

Normally you will see that we keep uploading new products. But we never claim, we will upload a special product to you. You can request, if possible, we will definitely upload it. (We respect the choice of all customers. And all people need different themes and plugins, so we work continuously to make them available to the people, the more and more products we can reach. But we do not guarantee that we will upload 100% to a specific product you have requested.) Since those who request us to upload the product, we are checking that product how many people will be benefited from this product and whether the product is under GPL license or not. Since we only select the GPL license product on our website, so that it can be freely used by everyone without any interruption. Even how old the product is. How many people like that product?

If you put pressure on the upload of any product, for which you have already been informed that we can’t upload. In such a situation, your account will be closed without notice.

We do not count the themes made available within 7 days nor can they be confirmed in any way because there are so many themes available here, which are recently uploaded, sometimes GPL issues. It means that they upload the product but I later find that it does not come under the GPL license. Because we check all the themes and plugins properly and this problem is very low. But we do not include any products uploaded within 7 days on our list so you can not claim at this level.

Product Update Terms:

Each individual product purchased from Provider includes complimentary updates for 1 year. If you have taken membership and your membership is over, then you will not be able to update the product further.

We can not update some products immediately. We take a little time for this. You have to wait, you can request it. We do not claim that the new version will update as soon as we update it. it’s not possible due to many reasons as we do not receive any email for updates from the main author many times and some authors does not notify to the customer via email for the update, we have to manually check, sometimes we know when we get a request email from the customer then We update that product. We are a third-party seller but we always try to keep updated all the products.

You have to update all products Manually.

All the products of the third party are to be provided are supported by their authors and not by the side of the Provider. You should please review the support terms that are to be provided by the author of a product before purchasing it. They are just involved in the aim as they do support our Products that are to be sold by official Resellers, Their Support Service includes assistance with Product installations, all along with the configuration, and use.

Account Termination And Suspension

The user who is not willing to continue the subscription is automatically unsubscribed and limits access to THEMESFORBLOGGER products until the re-subscription. On the other hand, “THEMESFORBLOGGER” has the authority to suspended or terminate the user’s accounts which are not followed by the guidelines and TOS.

Product Warranty:

If you are looking for any help in setting up or even configuring your plugin, then you should please first check the documentation and FAQs of the extension. Your question will be answered in a short time span. If not, then you are allowed to submit the ticket. They are not involved in giving out general WordPress support.

As by the nature of our repository, we do not give out with any the support or technical support for themes, or the plugins, or WooCommerce extensions. If you are in search of any premium support, then we charge for $ 15 per hour. We will solve all kinds of problems. The balance is somehow refundable if we can solve your problem.

We do have the complete set of information as to when you will be opening the account and get yourself register on the website. You can place it upon your order as for the products or services. By getting in touch with us, you can ask for more set of information and get in contact with our local branch. The form of information that we have been instead collecting is about your name, as well as postal address, and also the job title, along with the email address and so as the phone number. In this way, we would be able to contact our customers when we want to. As you would be entering any competition or the promotional form of the feature, we would be asking your personal information such as to ask for your name, plus the postal address, as well as email address and phone number. Also, they do considerably collect the information related to how you will be using the website as in the conditions of the cookies. Cookies are known as the forms of codes that are made up of letters and numbers. Above all, there are some more terms and conditions which you can apply as you would be opening the account or even at the time as you would be taking part in any competition. Make sure you read out all the terms and conditions being part of it.


The information which you provide to us is used for the below-mentioned purposes:

  • We do make the use of data to order and manage your account.
  • Apart from it we also provide the information as related to personalized online experiences plus the provision of tailored communications.
  • It would let us keep the records accurate.

We are giving out the principal terms of attention as in managing the privacy of the customers over the side of the paramount level. They are also conscious on top of the fact that the data which they have collected is preferably by the data protection laws that are being applied on top of the international level. This category of the privacy policy as all together with the rest of the cookies policy would let you explain that how we make the use of any information which we instead collect from you. We do put together as to form the part of our terms related to the business.